Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three new quilting books............

I've been busy working on my two baby quilts, both babies will be arriving any time now.  The three new books are by Bonnie K. Hunter and they are all on scrap quilting.  They are like a modern day version of the way my grandmother used to quilt, especially the book Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle! The Art of "Quilting Green".  She made all of her grandchildren quilts and it was so much fun to look at them and find bit and pieces of dresses, or blouses I wore or shirts from my brothers.

(Don't know why this picture posted sideways, haven't figured out how to fix it!)
Cutting and sorting pieces for scrap quilts will be another project for this winter, as if I didn't have
enough projects already!

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  1. Someone is going to be very busy, enjoy your new books!