Sunday, June 23, 2013

Slow Stitching Sunday.....

A while back I cut out all of these strips for a log cabin quilt.

I started to sew them together by machine last week, but my sewing machine started to make a funny noise, so I thought I better stop sewing until I could have it looked at.  It's over 30 years old and done miles and miles of stitching.  I was in a quilt shop a year or so ago and saw the same machine as mine displayed among other old Bernina's-- it must be considered an antique!

Anyway, I decided that I would hand piece the quilt.  I'm not glad about my machine making funny noises, but I'm glad because I am really enjoying piecing this quilt by hand.

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Quilt Show.............

Friday a couple quilting buddies, my granddaughter and I went to the North Idaho Quilters Quilt Show. We had such fun.  Love going to quilt shows, so much talent and inspiration! I gave the camera to my granddaughter to take pictures.  There were over 200 quilts, but thought I would post a few.

                                          These are from the Hoffman Challenge

I like the layout of this log cabin
Love the embellishments!  Little charms and embroidered flowers

This one was called Dancing With the Stars

Postage Stamp

There were a lot of nice art quilts

A lot of work went into this crazy quilt!

Pineapple quilt--this is a pattern that is on my to-do list

And I came home with two new quilting books.  They are by Michele Crawford at Flower Box Quilts