Friday, April 12, 2013

A few things I've been working on..............

I finished 3 Dear Jane Blocks.  I'm finding that curves are a real challenge!

I have my Purple Cat Quilt basted together-- ready to start hand quilting
The weather was nice for a few days, so I couldn't wait to spend some time outdoors.  I took out the old garden bed that was here and I'm hoping to turn this ugly brown spot in the yard into a garden area with boxed garden beds--trying the square foot gardening method.
Then the lack of sunshine, rain and cooler weather brought me back inside.
I  finished two more HocusPocusville Quilt Blocks--6 more to go.  Looking at these makes me wonder how I am going to quilt them?
It has taken me awhile to track down the Polka Dot Girls embroidery pattern, but I was finally able to order one.  It came in the mail the other day.  Can't wait to work on this one, but I should probably finish my HocusPocusville blocks first!