Monday, January 28, 2013

Mambo Girls..............

Okay this is what I have so far.  All the blocks are different sizes, so now I'm gonna have to play around a bit to see what to do with them now.  I know I will be using black for the inner borders (need to buy some first).

Contemplating a new project..........

These Mambo girls were in my stash, calling out to me that they were tired of be hidden away!  They have been in hiding for 20 years.  I bought this fabric when I worked at the Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon.  I only have a yard and just didn't know what to do with them.  But they are out in the open now and I have an idea or two on how I can put them into a quilt.  So even though I have a stack of UFO's waiting for me I decided that these girls deserve to be in the limelight (at least they deserve to be moved up on the list!).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Dear Jane blocks finished......

Block A-3 Hunter's Moon
This is the first time I've ever worked with curves.

Block A-4 Courtney's Stethoscope

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quilt pieces from the past.....

My brother was going through boxes that have been stored.  He found these bits and pieces of my grandmothers and sent them to me.

These stars I can remember her working on when I was a child.  (Hard to believe, 50 years ago!)
These are just some squares, the fabrics must have been from the early 50's and maybe even the 40's.

The piece of paper she used as a pattern was cut from an appointment page from my Great Aunts Health and Beauty Salon

I'm not really sure what quilt pattern this is......
She wrote pattern info on this pattern piece.

There was even a pair of embroidery scissors in the box.  The fabrics are old, guessing 40's.

Here she is piecing this piece together.  She used every possible scrap.

I'm not really sure how this quilt is suppose to go together.

These bowties seem to be older than any of the others, judging by the condition of the fabric.
And they are hand pieced

And again she pieced a block so she could get a square.

Now what to do with them!  There are 54 of the bowtie blocks--thought I might try and put them together.