Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer has finally come to northern Idaho

We went from below normal, to above normal temperatures practically over night.  I'm just grateful for some sunshine--finally! My cat -known as Mud- is enjoying an afternoon nap out of the heat.


I have been working a bit on one of the baby quilts
I'm doing paper-pieced tumbler blocks for one side of my great-nephews quilt.  I was going to put the red along the two long edges, but after seeing it laid out I think I will mingle it in with the other colors.


I have a couple of new quilting books.  Well this first one is actually old, but new to me. 
I think these blocks will be great for using up scraps.

 I can't wait to start doing the embroidery in this book. (One of these days, I hope my photos will be better!)