Thursday, October 3, 2013

I can't believe it has been 3 months since I have posted anything.  Not a lot of quilting done, but I got half my garden boxes done, I always forget to take pictures, but the space is going to be nice once I'm done.
I didn't plant much, but what I did plant went kind of wild
I used old fence boards for my pathways between the boxes
In the main pathway I used boards and rock
Squash blossom after a nice soaking rain
I also had my front porch enclosed for a future room, but after all this work I made the decision to leave Idaho for the winter.  So on September 16th I packed up my car (mostly quilting supplies and books and my dog) and drove from Idaho to the northeast corner of Kansas.  I'll be spending the winter with my brother and visiting with my almost 94 year old mother. 
I didn't get my sewing machine fixed, I sold it for parts.  It needed a new motor ($325.00).  I decided I would rather put the money into a new machine.  So I will have to start looking into a new machine.  My brother has my grandmother's old machine, so I will be able to use that while I'm here. 
I did finish my purple cat quilt.

I used white pearl cotton to stitch this little mouse in the border
...and I also stitched the words Meow and Purr in the border
I miss my fellow quilters in Idaho and am hoping to find quilters here in Kansas.

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  1. Hi Rose, lovely to see you post again!
    I hope you enjoy the winter & you will be sure to find some fellow stitchers in the area to spend time with... that's bad luck about your machine, I hope a new one is to be yours soon.