Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Jane--the beginning!

Last week I decided it was time to get started on my Dear Jane quilt.  I had never heard of Dear Jane until last summer. I saw one at a quilt show in Coeur d' Alene and was so amazed, I just couldn't get it out of my mind. Then I saw another one at the quilt show in Spokane. I knew I had to do this quilt.  If you have not heard of the Dear Jane quilt here is a little info on it.

The original 1863 Civil War quilt was made by Jane A. Stickle.  It is made up of 169 blocks, 52 triangles, 4 corner kites; a total of 5602 pieces.  It is displayed at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, Vermont.  Brenda Papadakis recreated the two hundred twenty-five patterns from the Jane A. Stickle quilt. 

I had dreams about this quilt, so I bought the book, the CD and the templates to square off the blocks. Then, I started gathering fabrics.
Last Wednesday I cut out the pieces for the first block.

I am piecing the quilt by hand and I will hand quilt it.

When I completed my first block, it wasn’t quite perfect even though I had taken stitches out and redone them.  When I was squaring up the block I noticed on the template the quote “Finished is better than perfect”.  I like that!
So my first block is finished--only 224 more to go!  Can't wait to start on the next one!


  1. Are you doing all your blocks in repro civil war fabric? I've admired that quilt also. Civil war fabrics are one of my favorites. How long do you think that it will take you to hand piece this top?

    1. Yes, I want to use the Civil war prints. I've seen these done in all kinds of fabrics, but I wanted the Civil war era look. I'm sure it will take me quite a while to complete this. One quilt I saw, she said it took her 10 years. I have so many projects going; that's kind of the way I like to work. That way I always have something different to choose from.

  2. Lol, maybe that's a common trait with quilters. I also have many projects going at one time. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress, hopefully it will help keep me motivated, lol.

  3. Well done starting your Dear Jane. I have had the book for years and have not started yet.

  4. Great Start on your Dear Jane........I have not gotten the bug yet but like one of the comments above....I also have many irons in the fire.....I also looked at some earlier posts of yours and think your hexies are lovely.

  5. Beautiful first block Rose, I hope you enjoy your journey. I have all my center blocks completed, plus the first 9 triangles.